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The therapists at Adult, Child & Family Counseling are not only committed to changing the lives of those who walk through the door, but they also have a passion for sharing needed information with our community at large. We share this information through public presentations and our writing. Please visit our Blog as we will be regularly adding topics relevant to improving you and your family’s life.

Looking in the Mirror
Author: Jonathan League
You’re so fat! Why don’t you go to the Gym! Don’t screw-up this time! You are going to look like a fool! You’d better get a good grade on this test or you will hate yourself all week! You idiot! What is wrong with you? Most of us would not dare say these things to someone else; but all too often, we talk to ourselves this way and don’t...
Confident Children
Amanda Stratton Counselor Author: Amanda Stratton
Parenting is hard work!  It can be difficult juggling all of responsibilities as parents while managing busy schedules. Of course you love your child, but with everything that is happening in your busy life how do you know if you are raising a confident child? A child’s confidence is dependent upon their perceived value and love by the adults that...
Cyber Bullying
Stephanie Shell Author: Stephanie Shell
What is Cyber Bullying? Its when one child targes another using interactive technologies... Please watch our video to learn more about Cyber Bullying. Our counselors are expereiced in helping with bullying situations.  Find out how we can help you! Give us a call or submit a request through the "Contact Us" tab in this website.
Author: Jonathan League
You may have heard the old saying, “It’s the parents’ job to make the rules and it’s the children’s job to break them.” As a parent, I can certainly see where this may seem to be the case. However, this is a negative view of a natural part of parenting and growing up. The reality is that boundaries help define us. They help us learn and grow. ...
A Family Approach to Counseling
Stephanie Shell Author: Stephanie Shell
Each Person is their own. Their own past, wounds, choices. We are unique. But sometimes we forget that we are a part of a whole, a family. As much as we hate to admit it, when one of us has a problem we all have a problem; because we are so connected, so uniquely connected. At ACF counseling, we chose to widen the focus to see the big picture....
Anxiety Disorder
Amanda Stratton Counselor Author: Amanda Stratton
Parents often call me concerned that their child may have an anxiety disorder.  They have noticed changes such as, increased anger, isolation, fear, worry, or nervousness in their child’s behavior and mood.  There are various reasons why a child experiences fear or worry; his grades may be dropping, he may be starting a new school, he is being...
Making Friends
Author: Jonathan League
This is the interview of Jonathan League by Cincinnati Family Magazine, used in their article "Kids' Shifting Friendships. 1. We have a running joke in our family that when you're 5, your best friend lives next door; when you're 10, your best friend lives a bike ride up the street; and when you're 15 or 16, your best friend lives across town.  So...