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Child Counseling

Child Counseling

“Everyone makes fun of me, nobody likes me.”

“I hate school, I’m not going anymore.”

“I get these bad thoughts in my head and can’t get them out.”

“Sometimes I feel scared and I don’t know why.”

“I get so mad at my parents, it’s like they never listen to me!”

“I just want to be alone.”  “Leave me alone!”

It can be heartbreaking to witness your child hurting or in distress, and as a parent you may feel powerless to fix the situation causing them pain.  When you bring your child into counseling at ACF, we’ll partner with you and your child while providing a non-judgmental and accepting environment.  Every child’s therapy is individualized, so the personal needs of your child and family are effectively met. 

Typically, after an initial consultation with you and your child, your counselor will begin meeting individually with your child to build a trusting and positive foundation for the therapeutic relationship.  During these meetings the counselor gains insight and understanding into your child’s unique experience.  Various coping mechanisms and skills valuable to positive change are implemented in the process.  Family and/or parent sessions are encouraged as part of counseling for your child.  We believe it is imperative that parents are part of the therapeutic process.  We will assist parents in learning strategies to support their child during and beyond the counseling process.