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Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent Counseling


“My son used to do great in school and now all we do is fight about homework.”

“I am worried about my daughter’s self image. I saw cuts on her arm and fear she is cutting.”

“My son came in the other night smelling like pot and I did not know how to deal with it.”

“My kid battles depression daily. Seems we’ve tried everything. How can I help them?”


The teen years are guaranteed to be challenging for kids and parents. The teen’s reality is made up of physical and mental changes, moodiness, intensifying academic pressures, turbulent social landscapes, strives for freedom, higher propensity for risk, heavy peer influence, and constant questions about the future. Combine that with any other stressor going on in the family – conflict, trauma, divorce, substance abuse, grief, downsizing, blending of families, illness, mental diagnoses, or the like – life for a teenager and his or her family can become confusing, complicated, and at times, hopeless. Our goal at ACF is to collaborate with you and your teen to help create a road map toward healthier family interactions while addressing the issues that need to get addressed. We believe the teen years can be some of the best in not only the teen’s life, but the family’s as well. Let our therapists help you turn around your challenge into a joyful, thriving family highlighted with growth and permanent change.