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Family Counseling

Family Counseling

“My Husband is a recovering alcoholic and our family has have never been able to talk about it.”

“We all argue and fight all the time.”

“We never recovered after we found out our child had been abused.”

“Our child’s defiant behavior is tearing our family apart.”

A family is functioning well when they share responsibilities, experiences, affection and genuinely enjoy the time they spend together. There are so many pressures, challenges and temptations on families today that make it difficult to stay close, kind and connected. At ACF, we believe in the importance healing of relational wounds and strengthening bonds between family members.

When you bring your family in to ACF, we guide everyone in understanding how they can do their part to strengthen and reconnect the family. We help you heal the relational wounds that keep you apart as we guide you in practicing the skills of loving connection, and getting along.