Adult Child Family Counseling of Mason

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Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

 “I can talk to my friends about many issues, but never this one.”

“My family and I are close but I do not want to burden them.”

“On the outside I tend to have it together – no one would even know I struggle.”

No one wants to be alone when struggling with an ongoing problem. Nor does anyone want to feel judged when they do seek help. Sadly, this can happen with the most well intended confidants around us. It is difficult to carry a burden alone particularly one that may be embarrassing to talk about, further creating a sense of isolation and hopelessness. At ACF, our professional counselors make it their mission to instill hope and to listen non-judgmentally, to understand you and to collaboratively identify areas of difficulty. We will walk beside you with sensitive and practical solutions while you gain mastery over the issue. We will work with you at your speed. We are here to listen. We will not judge. We are here to help.